TurboRub is the new advanced rubber polymer technology that replaces the use of clay bars. It can easily remove paint over spray, dust, light water marks, tree sap, stains and other contaminates from the surface of automotive finishes in a safe way. Moreover, if you drop the TurboRub on the floor, what you have to do is simply rinse it off with water. Using TurboRub to maintain your car wash will not only save the labour hours but will also reduce your cost. It is the safest, quickest and the most efficient way to fully clean your paint.

compare with clay bar

  proimages/TurboRub/pic04.pngTurboRub Clay Bar
Application Tool Both Hand& DA Polisher Hand
Durability 20-60 times 10-15 times
Time Cost 15-20 minutes 1 hour
Washable Yes No
Overspray Fast to remove Slow to remove
Brake Dust Fast to remove Slow to remove
Reshape Not required Required
Clean Efficiency High Low

Before and after using TurboRub

Before Using TurboRub


After Using TurboRub


Before using a TurboRub pad for the first time, it is highly recommended that you perform the following break-in procedure:

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle free of dust, sand, and dirt.
  2. Apply water-based lubricant to the TurboRub pad.
  3. Mist water-based lubricant onto a glass surface
  4. With the polymer side facing down, rub the TurboRub pad in circles to remove the protective coating on the pad.
  5. Now the pad is safe for use on the vehicle.

For the best results while using the TurboRub pads, it is recommended that you follow the proper procedure:

  1. Allow time for all surfaces of the vehicle to cool down.
  2. Thoroughly wash the vehicle free of dust, sand, and dirt.
  3. Apply water-based lubricant to the TurboRub pad and to the desired working area of the vehicle. Ensure that there is sufficient lubricant on the working area.
  4. If you are using a DA polisher, use it at a speed of 1.5~2.5 and keep it perpendicular to the vehicle surface.
  5. Lightly move the pad forwards, backwards, and also side to side to ensure complete decontamination of the surface.
  6. Wipe the area dry with a microfiber towel and inspect for desired results.

Please Note

Sufficient lubrication is crucial in order for TurboRub to work properly.

TurboRub is not solvent resistant.

Ensure that the TurboRub pad is free of tar and grease.